Dennis Rodman sang Happy Birthday to Kim Jong Un

Here are the stories I talked about on Live@5 this morning.

Dennis Rodman sang Happy Birthday to Kim Jong Un. Yikes!

It so cold in part of North America, if you throw boiling water in the air it will turn to snow instantly.

In Kawasaki yesterday, there was a massive manhunt with 4,000 police officers, 850 vehicles, sniffer dogs, helicopters and boats.

You might be able to use your Japanese ATM bank card overseas in the near future.

Japan banks might connect banks ATMs with lenders in Asia
Major Japanese banks are considering connecting their automated teller machine systems with financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region through a common payment settlement platform within the region, a company managing ATM data for Japanese banks said Wednesday.
NTT Data Corp., which recently joined the Asian Payment Network, a network of financial institutions in Asia and Oceania, plans to initially sign the envisaged ATM integration deal with South Korean and Thai operators, with the aim of expanding the scheme to other countries.
The move is aimed at extending improved financial services to visitors from Asia, as well as Japanese visitors to the region, especially in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.
Integration of the ATM systems will allow foreign visitors to withdraw Japanese yen using cash cards issued by foreign banks, a transaction that will be cheaper than cash withdrawals using credit cards.
Similarly, Japanese nationals traveling in other Asian economies will be able to withdraw local currencies using cash cards issued in Japan.
APN was launched in 2006, with a view to creating a cross-border transaction network in Asia and Oceania. A total of 12 institutions from 10 nations in the region, including Indonesia, Australia and China, currently take part in the program.

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