Delta Airlines Changing Mileage

Today is Rare Disease Day and from 12:10 – 12:40 today, Friday, February 28th nature airliner will play a set of music live at Marunouchi Oazo. RDD is a worldwide event which raises public awareness of rare diseases. Laurier, a member of nature airliner has a rare illness called Marfan Syndrome (Joey Ramone, Mary Queen of Scotts, and Rachmaninoff had the same disease). The group will perform and talk about Laurier’s illness and let people know about Marfan’s.

Do you ever you a webcam on Yahoo Messenger? If so, your images are not safe.

Delta Airlines is changing their mileage program. Soon miles will be awarded on how much you spend on your tickets and not how far you fly.

The Japanese immigration have changed. Resident cards (gaijin cards) are now issued from immigration, not wards offices. So if you have permanent residence, be sure to apply for your new card before July 1015, or you will be in trouble.