Sept 21st, 2014 Playlist w/special guest Anyango

2014年9月22日 / Category:Entry

‘Toi-Toi’ – Abdullah Ibrahim, album African River (South Africa)

‘Con Grew’ – Roy Assaf Trio, album Second Row Behind The Painter (Israel)

‘Ogwang’ – Anyango, album Kilimanjaro (Japan)

‘Afro Blue’ – Anyango, album Kilimanjaro (Japan)

‘Jamm’ – Cheikh Lo, album Jamm (Senegal)

‘Ngana Ngonga’ – Bonga, album Angola ‘74 (Angola)

‘Aquarian Moon’ – Bobby Hutcherson, album Happenings (USA)

‘Topaz’ – Yagi Michiyo, album Seventeen (Japan)

‘There Is A Road’ (God’s River)’ – Keith Jarrett, album Expectations (USA)

お知らせ-OK Jazz 番組の終了することになりました!

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お知らせ!残念ながら、これまでInter FMで放送しておりました僕の番組『OK Jazz』は、今月28日の放送をもちまして終了することになりました。これまで応援頂いたリスナーの皆様、関係者各位に心から感謝いたします。年末ぐら いにまたOK Jazz関連のお知らせを出しますので、楽しみにしていて下さい。は続けていきますので引き続き、応援よろしくお願いします!

OK Jazz is ending..for now!

2014年9月14日 / Category:Entry

News! Unfortunately Sept.28th will be the final OK Jazz show on InterFM. Due to some not-yet fully revealed station restructuring, a lot of shows are being dropped from October. Many thanks to everyone for the great support over the last two years! I’m going to take a break in October to watch the baseball playoffs and be a Dad but will continue, and OK Jazz will be back in another format towards the end of the year..stay tuned. And don’t forget, ‘On Entre O.K., On Sorte K.O.!’


Sept 14th, 2014 Playlist w/special guests Yagi Michiyo & Mark Rappaport

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‘Monsoon – For Sonny and Shannon’ – Yagi Michiyo & Honda Tamaya, album Dojo: Ichi no Maki (Japan)

‘Ectoplasm’ – Yagi Michiyo & Honda Tamaya (featuring Nils Petter Molvaer on trumpet), album Dojo: Ichi no Maki (Japan)

‘Rouge’ – Yagi Michiyo, album Seventeen (Japan)

‘The Bicycle Ride’ – Yagi Michiyo, album Seventeen (Japan)

Special Guests Yagi Michiyo & Mark Rappaport

2014年9月14日 / Category:Entry

These great people came by the studio to join me on OK Jazz. Be sure to look out for Yagi-san’s and Honda Tamaya’s new album ‘Dojo – Ichi no Maki’, which will be available some time in October.


Sept 7th, 2014 Playlist

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‘Down Here On The Ground’ – Grant Green, album Alive (USA)

‘Supa Emcees’ – De La Soul, album Stakes Is High (USA)

Album Pick Of The Week

The Garifuna Collective, album Ayo (Belize)

‘Kame Bawara (Why You Call?)’, ‘Ubou’, ‘Mongulu’ 

‘Avotja (Oasis At Dusk)’ – Fomoudou Don Moye & The Sun Percussion Summit, album For Bobo (USA)

‘M.R.’ – Ishii Akira, album Endless Flow (Japan)

‘Sing A Pure Song’ – Norbert Stein Pata Masters Meets Djaduk Ferianto Kua Etnika (Germany/Indonesia)