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Topics for February 29th & March 1st


Since last December, novel coronavirus infection (Covid-19) has been reported in China and other countries around the world. To protect yourself from the virus and to prevent the disease from spreading, please take basic disease-prevention measures, as you would for seasonal influenza, such as hand washing and observing cough etiquette. A demonstration video on how to wash your hands properly to prevent infection is provided on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website. A consultation desk has also been set up for inquires regarding novel coronavirus infections. If you have any questions regarding the novel coronavirus, including questions related to preventing the infection and what to do when concerning symptoms develop, contact the dedicated call center at Navi-dial 0570-550571. Assistance is available in English, Chinese and Korean. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. including weekends and holidays.

昨年12月以降、新型コロナウィルス感染症 (COVID-19)が発生し、中国を中心に、世界各国から発生が報告されています。皆様には、引き続き季節性インフルエンザと同様に、咳エチケットや手洗いなどの基本的な感染症対策に努めていただくようお願いします。なお、予防に効果的な手洗い方法を、外国版の東京都HPで公開していますので、ぜひご覧ください。また、新型コロナウィルス感染症に関する相談窓口が開設されています。感染の予防に関することや、心配な症状が出た時の対応について英語、中国語、韓国語でご相談できます。専用コールセンターの電話番号は、ナビダイアル、 0570-550571 におかけください。受付時間は、午前9時から夜9時まで、土日・祝日も受け付けています。


Currently, inaccurate information about drug abuse is spreading throughout social media and other online platforms, affecting teens and young adults. With marijuana, in particular, there have been multiple cases involving the use of marijuana by middle school students. Evidently, there is a need for proper education and support to prevent such drug abuse. This should also be considered for children and students from foreign countries who may not sufficiently understand Japanese. In light of this situation, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has created videos, posters and leaflets in foreign languages, to introduce and educate the dangers of marijuana and other drugs, its harmful effects on the body and how to refuse when offered to use drugs. Videos and posters are available in Japanese and English, while the leaflet is available in 8 different languages. Please visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website to view the video, and download the poster and leaflet. The video is also available on YouTube and Digital Signage. The Tokyo City Information blog also provides links to applicable sites.

▼STOP Drug Abuse! Video (English subtitles)

▼STOP Drug Abuse! Leaflet (multilingual edition)


▼薬物乱用防止啓発 動画(英語字幕版)


For the full text of today’s announcements, check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website. The address is

今日の放送内容については、英語版「東京都ホームページ」をご覧ください。アドレスは です。