Topics for July 6th & 7th


First, we have information about the prohibition of indoor smoking in schools, hospitals, and other indoor facilities. The amended Health Promotion Law partially came into force on July 1st, making inside the buildings such as schools, medical institutions, child welfare facilities and government agencies fully smoke-free. However, with certain requirements, smoking areas may be installed outdoors, outside the public area. Additionally, under Tokyo's ordinance to prevent secondhand smoking, the premises of nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools will be non-smoking indoors and outdoors starting September 1st, to protect the health of children who cannot avoid secondhand smoking on their own. At the same time, from September 1st, restaurants will be required to display signs at the entrance to show their smoking policy. From April next year, restaurants and other indoor facilities will generally become non-smoking. We suggest everyone involved to understand the purpose of the rules and prepare for the change.



The Tokyo Metropolitan Comprehensive Consumer Center is now accepting inquiries and consultations in foreign languages. Whether on a telephone or in person, an interpreter will be joining a consultation in foreign languages, so the three people can have a smooth conversation to solve problems. If you have any problems with products you purchased or contracts you signed, or if there’s anything else that concerns you in your life as a consumer, the Consumer Center is the place to call or visit. The phone service is available in English, Chinese and Korean, and is offered to residents of Tokyo, as well as those working or attending school in Tokyo. For more information on the service, check the Consumer Affairs consulting service website “Tokyo Kurashi Web.” Details are available in multiple languages. The Center also offers consultation services in English, Chinese and Korean with an interpreter present. If you need an interpreter for your consultation, please make a reservation in advance by phone. Please note that appointments cannot be cancelled. The phone number is 03-3235-1155. It’s open from 9:00 to 5:00 daily, Monday through Saturday, and is closed on Sundays, national holidays and the year-end and New Year holidays.


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