Topics for September 26th & 27th


First, we have an announcement from the Tokyo Fire Department. 

The Tokyo Fire Department has set up a web version of “Tokyo Guide to Emergency Medical Care” in English. 

This is an online guide for foreign visitors in Japan, which helps them determine the urgency and need for medical examination in times of sudden illness or injury. 

The guide is also helpful when deciding whether to go to a hospital or call an ambulance. Users can access the EMS guide from a computer or smartphone. 

Answer the questions for each symptom displayed on the screen and the consultation results will be displayed. 

You will then receive advice on the urgency of the illness or injury, whether or not you need to see a doctor, how soon you should see a doctor, and which clinical department you should visit.

To access the Tokyo EMS Guide in English, search for "Tokyo EMS Guide".

Please bookmark this website on your computer or smartphone to easily access when necessary.






東京版救急受診ガイド(英語・ウェブ版)は、「Tokyo EMS Guide」で検索して、アクセスしてください。



Next, we are asking everyone to take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

When dining out, removing your mask can cause respiratory droplets to fly.

It can also be difficult to keep your distance from people. To lower your coronavirus risk while eating out, refrain from spending long hours eating and talking loudly or at close range.

To prevent household infection, please take every precaution to avoid getting infected when you go out.

Wash and disinfect your hands as soon as you return home.

Also, please use separate towels, cups and other household items among your family members and ventilate your home regularly to prevent the spread of infection within your home.

It is important that you act properly to protect yourself and others from getting infected.

We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation in the infection control.









For the full text of today’s announcements, check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website. The address is

今日の放送内容については、英語版「東京都ホームページ」をご覧ください。アドレスは です。