Topics for November 9th & 10th


Food loss describes edible food that is discarded and wasted. Unfortunately, it has been estimated that approximately 6.43 million tons of food are wasted every year in Japan. In order to reduce such food loss, the "Tokyo Zero Food Loss Action" campaign is held until November 24th. About half of the annual food loss in Japan is said to come from households. To tackle food waste, we can make changes in our everyday lives, such as avoiding excessive buying and cooking, and reducing leftovers. Check your refrigerator before grocery shopping. Try to use up the ingredients and make effective use of any leftovers. Have a correct understanding of the food expiration dates. When dining out, only order the amount you can eat and ask if you can take out any leftovers. To reduce food loss, it is essential for everyone to understand the problem and take actions to reduce it. We would appreciate your cooperation.



Coming up on November 15th and 16th, 30 cities and villages in the Tama area will come together to hold the "Tama Cultural Festival" where visitors can see, eat and experience the essence of Tama. During the event period, a wide range of events for all generations will be held, including sales of Tama's local cuisines and specialties, introduction of sightseeing spots and events to experience the rich nature of Tama. This will be a great chance to learn and experience the beauty of Tama. The event will be held at Toyosu Market 6th block outdoor space in Koto City. To get there, take the Yurikamome Line to Shijomae Station. It’s a minute walk from there. Admission is free.

来たる11月15日と16日に、多摩地域の30市町村が集まり、見て、食べて、体験できる楽しいイベント「多摩の超文化祭」が開催されます。期間中は、多摩地域ならではのご当地グルメの提供、特産品の販売、観光スポットの紹介や多摩の豊かな自然を体験できるイベントなど、幅広い世代が楽しめる内容をご用意しています。是非、多摩の魅力を体感しにきてください。日時は、11月15日(金)午前10時から午後4時、16日(土)は午前9時から午後4時まで。会場は江東区にある豊洲市場 6街区屋外スペースです。アクセスは新交通ゆりかもめ「市場前駅」より徒歩1分。入場料は無料です。

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