‘The 43rd Yokohama Port Opening Festival - Thanks to the Port 2024’

PSA Yokohama

Public Service Announcement for Yokohama City

29th May 2024

This week’s edition is on the ‘43rd Yokohama Port Opening Festival’.

Yokohama was pioneering in the opening up of Japan to the outside world. It opened its port in 1859, and the city has since developed as a hub of cultural and economic exchange. Now, 165 years later, it has become a metropolis with a population of around 3.77 million.

The main theme of the Yokohama Port Opening Festival is “Thanks to the Port”. It’s a festival that celebrates the opening of the port on June 2, in effect the birthday of Yokohama, a city that has developed along with its port.

A variety of lively events will be held with the aim of revitalizing the city’s development and tourism.

This year’s Yokohama Port Opening Festival will take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June.

The venues will be Rinko Park and Nipponmaru Memorial Park, as well as the MinatoMirai 21 district and surrounding areas. The festival’s sub-theme is ‘Something Always Starts from Here’.

Popular annual events will be held, such as “Dream of Harmony,” in which 300 Yokohama citizens gathered from the public sing in chorus, on a special stage in Rinko Park with the sea in the background, and “Beam Spectacle in Harbor,” a light and sound performance including fireworks.

This year's festival will also feature an array of fun new events, such as the “Yokohama Port Opening Festival BON-ODORI”, where all participants perform the traditional Japanese Bon dance, and “e-Sports Festa”, an exchange event featuring professional e-sports players.

For details, please see the ‘Port Opening Festival’ homepage.