The “Habatake Antorenu” Event

Shinagawa Info

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th January, an event called “Habatake! Antorenu” will be held in the Events Hall at Square Ebara.

It is a handmade products and services themed test sales event, held so budding female entrepreneurs can utilize the feedback they receive from customers in their future endeavors.

A varied content has been prepared, including ethical miscellaneous goods, herb teas, party goods, original bags, table tea ceremony, and organization and storage experiences.

The time of the event will be 10am-5pm on 18th, and 10am-4pm on 19th January, so please drop by.

For enquiries, call the Commerce and Manufacturing Section at Shinagawa City Office on 03-5498-6333, or Musashi-koyama Start-up Support Center on 03-5749-4540.


(Audio) 16th/17th January 2020 ON AIR: The “Habatake Antorenu” Event





お問い合わせは、品川区役所 商業・ものづくり課 電話番号03-5498-6333、または、武蔵小山創業支援センター 電話番号03-5749-4540までお願いします。