Challenge & Move - 200 Days until the Start of the Paralympics

Shinagawa Info

On Saturday 8th February, an event called “Challenge & Move - 200 Days until the Start of the Paralympics” will be held at Curian.

The time will be from 10am-8pm.

Wide ranging contents are planned for the event so visitors can familiarize themselves with the Paralympics. These include a dance performance by Koichi Oomae, a professional dancer with a prosthetic leg, and Kenta Kanbara, a wheelchair dancer, as well as a panel discussion by paralympians and olympians, and Paralympic sports tasters.

Your arrival is eagerly awaited!

For enquiries, call the Olympics and Paralympics Preparation Section at Shinagawa City Office on 03-5742-9109.


(Audio) 6th/7th February 2020 ON AIR: “Challenge & Move - 200 Days until the Start of the Paralympics”






お問い合わせは、品川区役所 オリンピック・パラリンピック準備課 電話番号 03-5742-9109 までお願いします。