Small and Medium Enterprises’ Center Festival

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The "Small and Medium Enterprises’ Center Festival" will take place at the Small and Medium Enterprises’ Center between 10am and 4pm on Sunday 26th May.

There will be a large variety of events such as a concert and exhibition of works by groups that are active at the Small and Medium Enterprises’ Center, traditional craft demonstrations, and consultation corners for all aspects of daily life.

Visitors can also enjoy a taste of Shinagawa, so please feel free to drop by.

For enquiries, please contact the Commerce and Manufacturing Section at Shinagawa City Office on 03-5498-6335.


(Audio) 23rd & 24th May 2019 ON AIR ‘Smalland Medium Enterprises’ Center Festival’




お問い合わせは、品川区役所 商業・ものづくり課 

電話番号 03-5498-6335 までお願いします。