Universal Sports Festa

Shinagawa Info

The Universal Sports Festa will be held at Minami Oi Culture Center on Saturday 29th June. The time will be from 1:30pm - 4:30pm.

It is a sports event that can be enjoyed by everyone; from children to senior citizens, and those with disabilities and those without. Participants can try their hand at sports such as balloon volleyball, table tennis volleyball, boccia, and sports chanbara. Please feel free to take part, even if you don’t usually do any sports.

For enquiries, call the Sports Promotion Section at Shinagawa City Office on 03-5742-6838.


(Audio) 20th/21st June 2019 ON AIR ‘Universal Sports Festa’




お問い合わせは、品川区役所 スポーツ推進課 電話番号 03-5742-6838 までお願いします。