Preventing Heatstroke in Senior Citizens

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As we experience the high temperatures of summer, it is important, particularly for senior citizens, to careful of heatstroke. This year, the risk of heatstroke is higher, as people’s fitness levels have dropped from a lack of exercise as they continue to stay home due to the new coronavirus.

To prevent heatstroke, it is necessary to do the following.

・Drink fluids before you get thirsty

・Make sure you eat proper meals and take regular breaks

・Avoid hot places, and expel heat from your body

・Remove your mask from time to time

Please take the appropriate preventative measures and be careful not to get heatstroke.

For enquiries, call the Senior Citizens’ Welfare Section at Shinagawa City Office on 03-5742-6802.


(Audio) 23rd/24th July 2020 ON AIR: Preventing Heatstroke in Senior Citizens










お問合せは、品川区役所 高齢者福祉課

電話番号 03-5742-6802 までお願いします。