“Enjoy Life Online” course for foreigners

Shinagawa Info

7th/8th October 2021

Shinagawa City has invited a lecturer to hold an online course for foreigners living in the city.

It will be split into three parts and participants will learn about disaster prevention, how to separate and dispose of garbage and recycling, and the appeal of shopping streets and tourism in Shinagawa City.

The course will be held from 2pm-3:30pm on Friday 5th, 12th and 19th November.

Those eligible to take the course are foreigners who live, work or study in Shinagawa City.

12 places are available in both the Chinese and English courses.

The courses for each language will go ahead with a minimum of three participants.

If there are a lot of applicants, a lottery will take place.

The deadline for applications is 27th October.

For details, please enquire with the Shinagawa-ku International Friendship Association on 03-5742-6517.


(Audio) 7th/8th October 2021 ON AIR: “Enjoy Life Online” course for foreigners








詳しくは、品川区国際友好協会 電話番号03-5742-6517にお問い合わせください。