Yokohama City Fire Department’s New Year’s Performance 2022

PSA Yokohama

Public Service Announcement for Yokohama City

5th January 2022

In Japan, when the new year starts, a "New Year's Performance" is carried out by fire service related personnel.

In Yokohama City, the Yokohama City Fire Department's New Year's Performance is usually held in the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse area.

Yokohama’s firefighting powers are put on display in this fun learning event, held to make citizens feel safe and secure.

This year, following on from last year, the holding of the event in its usual format has been cancelled to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Instead, a TV program of the Fire Department’s New Year Performance will be broadcast live on TV Kanagawa.

As well as traditional Japanese firefighting performances such as matoi waving, and ladder climbing, there will be a perfectly coordinated Firefighters’ Band drill performance and a dynamic firefighting drill.

With special fire engines and simultaneous water spraying exercises too, the event will be full of highlights!

The main contents being distributed are as follows:

A message from the mayor

A message from the chairperson

Old style firefighting performance, featuring matoi waving and ladder climbing 

Firefighters Band Drill Performance

General Firefighting Drill

Simultaneous Water Spraying

The event will be broadcast live on TV Kanagawa from 12pm on 9th January so please watch it.