Measures Against the New Coronavirus

PSA Yokohama

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing nationwide.

Kanagawa Prefecture is currently under a state of emergency.

Based on the policies of the central and Kanagawa prefectural governments, Yokohama City will close citizens’ facilities at 8pm.

In addition, events held by the city will have a cap of 5,000 people, using 50% or less of the venue capacity.

A simultaneous temporary closure of schools will not be taking place, but infection prevention will be reinforced as educational activities continue.

The city asks that citizens do the following: 

In order to minimize contact with others, please refrain from non-essential outings, especially after 8pm.

Avoid the "5 scenes" that increase the risk of infection, such as social gatherings with alcohol consumption, eating and drinking in large groups or for a long time, conversations without a mask, communal living in small spaces, and entering break rooms, smoking areas, and changing rooms, etc. please also cooperate with measures such as working from home and staggered working hours.

You should also ensure the thorough implementation of basic infection prevention measures such as ventilating indoor spaces, avoiding the three C's, and making sure you wash/disinfect your hands and wear a mask.

Businesses are asked to cooperate with items required by national and prefectural policies, such as the closure of eating and drinking establishments etc. at 8pm, and restrictions on holding events.

Please refer to industry guidelines and thoroughly implement infection prevention measures.

Aim for a "70% reduction in the number of commuters", and take measures to prevent crowding when commuting and working.

Let's work together to overcome this situation so that we can get back to normal life as soon as possible.