Yokohama Chinatown Spring Festival 2020

PSA Yokohama

Did you know that in China, the Lunar New Year is called the 'Spring Festival' and there is a tradition of celebrating it in style? Yokohama Chinatown will be celebrating the event too. It will hold the 34th “Spring Festival” from this weekend, on Saturday 25th.

On the eve of the spring festival, Friday 24th, a countdown will be held in Yokohama Masobyo in the evening, and a celebratory New Year mood will envelop the whole of Chinatown.

On the day of the spring festival, Saturday 25th, a traditional lion dance called 'Cǎi Qīng' will be performed. The lion dance, which takes place as the sounds of firecrackers and drums echo through the streets is truly dramatic!

On Sunday 26th, the spring festival’s main event, the celebration parade will be held. As well as a team wearing colorful emperor costumes, there will be a gallant yet sweet lion dance, graceful traditional Chinese dancing, and Chinese zither performances. Visitors will be able to experience special sights that are unique to this period.

And next weekend, on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February, there will be a chance to see lion and dragon dances, dancing, and Chinese traditional arts at Yamashita-cho Park, in Chinatown.

Lastly, on Saturday 8th February, a Lantern Festival will be held in Yamashita-cho Park to round off the Spring Festival celebrations.

Graceful votive dances and brave lion dances will be performed, filling the area with a magical air completely different to the usual bright atmosphere.

Why not come and experience a different Chinatown to usual, a special Chinatown that’s unique to the spring festival period.

Yokohama Chinatown’s Spring Festival 2020 will take place between Saturday 25th January and Saturday 8th February, so please drop by.