A Call for Caution Against the New Coronavirus

PSA Yokohama

This week’s edition is a call for caution against the new coronavirus.

The state of emergency is still ongoing. 

The new Coronavirus can be passed to others from 2 days before any symptoms appear, so the City is asking for everyone’s cooperation in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

You should avoid outings to places where people gather, as well as conversations without a mask, including when eating or smoking. 

Please refrain from all non-essential outings. 

You should also wash your hands thoroughly and for longer than usual when arriving home and before meals etc., and if you are spending time with other people, air the room at regular intervals.

Please avoid situations where the risk of infection is increased, such as meals with alcohol, and cooperate with teleworking and staggered working hours.  

Do your best to think of different ways to have fun, e.g. spending time with your family at home, or participating in events such as festivals online.

The symptoms of the new coronavirus are very similar to those of colds and influenza. 

If you have any symptoms and are going to see a doctor, be sure to call the medical institution in advance.

If you would like advice, please call the city’s call center on 045-550-5530

Calls are answered 24 hours a day. For details, see the Yokohama City homepage.

Please continue with the thorough implementation of basic infection prevention measures including avoiding the three C’s, washing/disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask.