New Coronavirus Infection

PSA Yokohama

In order to prevent the spread of infection of the New Coronavirus, the closure of elementary, junior high and high schools, as well as special-needs schools, will be extended to Tuesday 24th March. The “emergency acceptance” of children at those schools will also be extended until Tuesday 24th March. As the school closures continue, the utmost consideration will be given to the health and safety of children when holding the graduation ceremony on Wednesday 25th March.

Citizens' facilities in the city, excluding daycare centers, after-school childcare facilities, and facilities providing consultation and services for the elderly and disabled, will also be closed, until Tuesday 31st March.

In addition to closures, there are other preventative measures that should be undertaken thoroughly. These include regular hand washing with soap after arriving home and before cooking etc, and wearing a mask or pressing a tissue against your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing.

For advice on the New Coronavirus infection, please contact the following call centers with a Japanese speaker.

For infection related characteristics and preventative measures, or if you show symptoms:

Yokohama City New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Call Center 045-550-5530

For people who suspect they are infected with the new Coronavirus

     New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Returnees/Contact Center 045-664-7761

As well as these centers, people who are visiting Japan can contact the Japanese National  Tourism Organization Call Center on 050-3816-2787.

Advice will be provided multilingually