New Smoking Rules

PSA Yokohama

Are you aware of negative health effects of passive smoking?

Passive smoking is when you breathe in smoke from other people’s cigarettes, regardless of whether you yourself are a smoker.

The smoke that comes out of the end of a cigarette has more toxic substances in it, such a nicotine and tar, than the smoke that a smoker inhales.

As well as the smoke causing symptoms such as itchy eyes, headaches and coughing, inhaling the secondary smoke increases the risk of illnesses such as lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, and asthma.

For this reason, the revised Health Promotion Act, to eradicate passive smoking, will be fully enforced from 1st April. From now on, please act in accordance with the following rules.

Rule 1: When smoking at home or outside, please consider those around you. Damage to health from passive smoking can be prevented by having consideration for children and those around you.

Rule 2: Please smoke only in the areas where it is permitted. In schools, medical institutions, child welfare facilities, and government agencies, smoking is prohibited in principle, both indoors and within the grounds. At other facilities, smoking is basically prohibited indoors.

Rule 3: At the entrance of shops and facilities, it is mandatory to put up signs saying "No smoking" or "Smoking permitted". When visiting such buildings, please check for the signs.

Rule 4: People under 20 are at higher risk of the negative health effects of passive smoking, so they are prohibited from entering places and shops where smoking is allowed.

We ask for your kind cooperation in making Yokohama a city free of passive smoking.