Information on COVID-19 Vaccinations

PSA Yokohama

This week’s edition is on COVID-19 vaccinations for senior citizens aged 65 or older.

Mass vaccinations at public halls and sports centers will start from the week of 17th May. 

A vaccine coupon, a pre-vaccination questionnaire, information about the vaccine, and a vaccination guide are required for vaccination. 

These will be enclosed with the individual notice, which will be sent out on the following dates:

For those aged 80 and above, Friday 23rd April,

For those aged 75 and above, Friday 30th April,

For those aged 70 and above, Monday 10th May,

For those aged 65 and above, Friday 14th May.

It will likely take a few days, or about a week during holiday periods, to arrive.

Advance reservation is necessary to receive the vaccination. 

You can make an appointment from 9am on Monday 3rd May (national holiday) via the dedicated website for Yokohama City appointments, or by phone.

Please refer to your vaccination guide to make your reservation.

For vaccination related enquiries, please call the ‘Yokohama City COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center’. 

Calls will be handled in eight languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

The telephone number is 0120-045-070 and calls will be answered between 9am and 7pm every day, including on weekends and national holidays. 

For the latest information, please check the Yokohama City website.