Information on the New Coronavirus Infection

PSA Yokohama

Currently a "State of Emergency" is in place.

As the number of infected people increases, we must all do our best to prevent an explosive spread of the virus.

First and foremost, please stay at home unless it is for essential reasons. You can still go to hospitals and to purchase daily necessities such as food and medicine, so please be assured that you do not need to stockpile, and shop calmly.

Avoid the “Three Cs”; “Closed spaces with poor ventilation”, “Crowded places with many people nearby”, “Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations”. Places where these conditions overlap carry a high risk of infection.

Everyone should make sure that a distance of at least 2 meters is kept between themselves and others.

Please also continue to put extra effort into “frequent handwashing with soap", "cough etiquette"  and getting “sufficient food and sleep"

For advice on the New Coronavirus infection, please contact the following call centers with a Japanese speaker.

For infection related characteristics and preventative measures, or if you show symptoms:

 Yokohama City New Coronavirus Infection Call Center 045-550-5530

For people who suspect they are infected with the new Coronavirus:

 New Coronavirus Infection Returnees/Contact Center 045-664-7761

We ask again for your kind cooperation in helping to prevent the spread of the virus.