Gachi Hamburger!

PSA Yokohama

Each year, at around this time, the “Gachi series” livens up Yokohama's shopping streets.

It is an event in which much loved and familiar dishes that are sold in Yokohama's shopping streets are voted on by the public to decide which one is the tastiest in its field. This year, the 9th dish in the series, “Gachi Hamburger” is the subject of the vote.

What images come to mind when you think of a hamburger? One with the classic demi glace sauce? Or a refreshing Japanese style hamburger?

This year there are 47 hamburger dish entries from the city’s shopping streets.

As well as there being Western, Japanese and Chinese flavors, the ingredients, sauces and toppings used differ according to the shop.

Why not eat and compare the different flavors of each shop’s hamburger and find your favorite?

There are a variety of fun events, including a stamp rally, where you can get special original items according to the number of stamps you have collected by eating dishes that have been entered in the competition.

For details on the events, see the  'Gachi Hamburger’ homepage.

Entry books, which introduce all of the entry products, are available free of charge at participating shops and at ward offices.

The voting period is until Wednesday 31st July, so please vote!

You've been listening to InterFM897's public service announcement for Yokohama City. This week's edition was on "Gachi Hamburger!".