Preparations for Storm and Flood Damage

PSA Yokohama

Public Service Announcement for Yokohama City

27th July 2022

Today, we will be outlining three important points to remember in readiness for typhoons or heavy rain.

These include advance preparations and precautions to take when fleeing.

The first point is to know the danger zones in your area in advance.

Check for dangerous areas in your neighborhood and evacuation sites in case of storm and flood damage on a hazard map etc.

The second point is to think about evacuation in advance.

The kanji characters in the Japanese word for evacuation mean “to avoid difficulties”.

If you can ensure your safety, consider staying on the upper floors of your home, or fleeing to the homes of friends or acquaintances in safe areas, not just the official evacuation sites.

The third point is the timing of evacuation.

Please get updates on weather information and evacuation information at regular intervals, through Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Information E-mail or TV /Radio.

"Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Information Email" sends out information including weather warnings and advisories, so please register for it. 

To register for the English version, search for "Yokohama Disaster Prevention".

Even if evacuation information is not issued, you should flee to a safe place if your situation requires it.

Create a “My Timeline”,  as part of preparations for storm and flood damage.

“My Timeline” is a personalized evacuation action plan organized in chronological order according to each individual’s family structure and living environment.

You can download the My Timeline Creation Sheet from the city's website.

Please take this opportunity to get prepared for emergencies.