How to Prepare for Heavy Rains

PSA Yokohama

We are approaching the season with potential risks of natural disasters caused by localized torrential rains and typhoons.

It is extremely important to be prepared for such risks in everyday life.

Please check the following points once again, on what is needed in your daily preparation and things to be careful about when you need to evacuate.

<Advance Preparation>

・ Prepare in advance a basic emergency kit in place, and store it where it can be taken with you at any time.

・ An emergency kit should be a collection of basic and minimum items such as radio, drinking water, torch, medical items and baby products, etc.

・ To be able to help each other in case of an emergency, try to make it a point to interact regularly with your neighbors.

・ Register your e-mail with City of Yokohama Disaster Prevention Info-mail Service. This service provides information related to weather warnings and advisories. To register for the English version emails, please search by the term “Disaster Prevention Information Mailing List”.

<In the event of localized torrential rains and typhoons>

・ Stay informed of the situation by making use of City of Yokohama Disaster Prevention Info-mail Service and listen to the radio such as InterFM897, etc.

<When you evacuate>

・ Look out for warning signs near cliffs and rivers.

・ Wear something comfortable when evacuating.

・ Do not take a road near a river or along a cliff and avoid going through underground passage.