Information on COVID-19 Vaccinations

PSA Yokohama

Public Service Announcement for Yokohama City

18th August 2021

Vaccination vouchers have been sent out to all Yokohama City residents aged 12 and over.

“Individual vaccination” reservations, which are made directly with medical institutions, are being accepted for all age groups.

For “group vaccinations” conducted at regional public facilities etc, and “mass vaccinations” conducted at Yokohama Hammerhead, the start date for reservations will be split into three stages.

Reservations will be accepted through the city’s dedicated reservation site and reservation center phone line.

For details, check the notification card sent out on 6th August.

For vaccination related enquiries, please call the ‘Yokohama COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center’.

Calls will be handled in eight languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The telephone number is 0120-045-070.

Calls will be answered between 9am and 7pm every day.

Foreign language and easy Japanese versions of the Yokohama City website are available too, so please use these as well.