Dave Fromm


Preparing for Heavy Rains and Storms

PSA Yokohama

Public Service Announcement for Yokohama City

8th September 2021

Damage caused by heavy rains and storms is increasing.

Disasters can occur at anytime, anywhere, so please double check in daily life what you need in order to be prepared and what you should be careful of when evacuating.

<Preparations in daily life>

•   Prepare items to take with you when evacuating in your daily life, so that you can grab them and go when the time comes.

•   Keep the items you’ll take with you to a minimum, such as a radio, drinking water, food items, flashlights, medicines and baby products.

•   Please include hygiene items such as masks and thermometers in your take-out items as a countermeasure against infectious diseases.

•   Make sure you are on good terms with your neighbors so that you can help each other in an emergency.

•   Register for Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Information Emails, which contain information such as weather warnings and advisories. When registering for the English version, search ‘Yokohama Disaster Prevention’.

<When heavy rains or typhoons strike>

•   Please check information frequently from sources such as the city website, Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Information Emails, and InterFM897 on the radio.

<When evacuating>

•   Be careful of cliffs and rivers.

•   When evacuating, try to wear comfortable clothes.

•   Avoid paths along rivers and cliffs, and roads in low-lying areas such as underground roads.

•   If the surrounding area is dark and flooding has begun, do not force yourself to go out - stay put in a high place where you can ensure your safety, such as the second floor of your house.