Satoyama Garden Festa 2019 Autumn

PSA Yokohama

At Satoyama Garden, which is located next to Yokohama Zoorasia, in Yokohama City’s Asahi Ward, visitors will be able to enjoy the season’s Autumn flowers this year too.

Take in the colorful cosmos swaying in the breeze, the pretty rounded Kochia, and the wild grass spikes that create a sharpness and 3 dimensionality to the carpet of flowers in one of the city’s biggest flower fields.

“Satoyama Garden Festa 2019 Autumn” is being held until Monday 14th October (a national holiday).

Next to the huge field of flowers, ‘Forest Adventure Yokohama’ has opened. This is an outdoor park based on the concept of living in harmony with nature.

It is the 31st Forest Adventure facility in Japan, and the first in Yokohama City. Within Kanagawa Prefecture, it is the third such facility, after Odawara and Hakone.

Forest Adventure Yokohama has 3 courses varying in difficulty, and visitors can experience activities that really make nature fun. Advance booking is required for each of the courses so please take a look at the homepage.

Forest Adventure has also created Japan’s first ‘Universal Path’. By catering to those using strollers and wheelchairs, anyone from children to senior citizens can enjoy the feeling of being up in the trees.

Why not enjoy the Autumn nature at ‘Satoyama Garden’ and ‘Forest Adventure Yokohama’ this Autumn!

For details, see their respective homepages.