Recruitment of Foreign Nationals for Fire Corps

PSA Yokohama

Public Service Announcement for Yokohama City

22nd September 2021

Yokohama City is recruiting members for its fire corps.

Foreign nationals can join the corps in Yokohama City.

Fire Corps is an organization comprised of people who usually go to work, attend school, or do housework, etc.

In case of emergency, members take part in activities as much as possible in cooperation with local fire stations.

Main activities of the fire corps include disaster relief activities in such cases of fire, earthquake and heavy rain that is occurring frequently these days. 

At ordinary times, members serve as local leaders of disaster preparedness planning, raise public awareness and spread knowledge on disaster response skills and on how to use an AED, etc.

In order for a foreign national to become a member of the fire corps, there are several conditions to be met.

You are living, working or studying in Yokohama City, 18 years of age or older and in good physical condition.

You have either a Residence Card or a Special Permanent Resident Certificate.

You have lived in Japan for more than 2 years and are willing to continue the fire corps activities for more than 3 years.

-  You need to be able to communicate in Japanese.

For more details, please contact your local fire station.

Members of the fire corps receive remuneration for their activities.

The amount has been raised this fiscal year.

If you want to know more about the fire corps, search "Yokohama-shi Shobodan" on the internet, call the Fire Corps Division of the Yokohama City Fire Bureau on 045-334-6403, or contact your local fire station.

Conversations are available only in Japanese.

Why don’t you join the corps? And let’s work together.