The Autumn Satoyama Garden Festa is Taking Place

PSA Yokohama

Satoyama Garden, in Yokohama City’s Asahi Ward, is holding the ‘Autumn Satoyama Garden Festa’ from 19th September - 18th October.

The garden, to which entry is free, features the city’s largest flowerbed, at approximately 10,000㎡.

Visitors can enjoy the expressive autumn scenery of Satoyama, which is decorated with 250,000 flowers of about 120 varieties such as Zinnia, Salvia, and Cosmos.

During the Festa period, there will be food trucks using ingredients produced in Yokohama City, and on ‘local production for local consumption day’, sales of flowers and vegetables are planned.

Within the garden, there are also outdoor parks based on the concept of living in harmony with nature, such as ‘Forest Adventure Yokohama’, and Trail Adventure Yokohama’, which opened in February this year.

Visitors can enjoy activities that take full advantage of nature.

The activities require advance booking so please see the website.

A weekday-limited sticker rally is also being held with the adjacent Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia.

From the latter part of this month, videos will be uploaded so that viewers can enjoy the garden at home.

The videos will include a Satoyama Garden Guided Tour by Masashi Mikami, an ambassador who promotes Yokohama’s flowers and greenery, and Satoyama Mini Concerts.

Please come to Satoyama Garden, where you can enjoy the pleasant autumn breeze.

As countermeasures against the new coronavirus, when visiting the park, please wear a mask and take your temperature beforehand.