The Rugby World Cup 2019 has started!

PSA Yokohama

The Rugby World Cup 2019 finally started on 20th September!

The matches are being held all over Japan, but of the 48 matches, 7 are taking place at International Stadium Yokohama in Shinyokohama.

The matches being held at International Stadium Yokohama in October are the England v France match and the Japan v Scotland match. All of the teams are rugby superpowers so there’s no doubt the matches will be exciting! Other recommended matches are those related to Japan’s target of reaching the quarterfinals!

The final on 2nd November will also be held in Yokohama, so remember to stay focused on the rugby until the end! 

You don’t have to watch the matches at the venues to enjoy the Rugby World Cup though. During the event, an official event space called the “Fan Zone” will be set up in Yokohama Minatomirai’s Rinko Park.

The main draws at the Fan Zone are the public viewing events, where matches will be shown on a 380 inch screen!

Of the 48 matches, 32 will be broadcast live and visitors will be able to enjoy watching them as well as eating cuisine from Yokohama and countries participating in the Rugby World Cup.

As well as this, there will be interactive attractions where participants can try a series of rugby plays such as kicking, passing, and tackling, in a match scenario, so the events can be enjoyed with your family and friends too.

The Fan Zone will be open mainly on Saturdays and Sundays each week, and you can have fun there for free even if you don’t have tickets for the matches.

Meet rugby fans from around the world and feel the passion for yourself!

For details, see the ‘YOKOHAMA RUGBY NEWS’ website.