The Safe Use of Bicycles

PSA Yokohama

Bicycles are convenient, aren’t they?

But if you aren’t aware of the correct rules, you could have an accident or get into trouble with pedestrians or drivers.

Have a think back...

Have you been cycling on the pavement?

Or maybe you’ve run a red light, thinking, “oh well, nevermind.”

• 1 in 5 traffic accidents in the city involves a bicycle. And in 70% of those cases, the cyclist is in violation of the rules. 

• If you have an accident, you may be seriously injured.

• There are many traffic rules that must be followed in the same way as cars.

• There is a booklet called "Basic Bicycle Rules", which is a collection of the most important rules.

•  A foreign language version is available too.

Also, are you covered by bicycle insurance?

• When you ride a bicycle in the city, you are required to take out bicycle insurance.

• Policies start at around 1,500 yen per year.

• In an accident, you could injure not only yourself but also the other party.

• Be sure to take out bicycle insurance just in case.

Finally, if you park your bicycle in a public place such as a plaza or on the road, it will get in everyone’s way, and may therefore be moved as an illegally parked bicycle.

• When parking up, don’t forget to head to a bicycle parking lot!