Kogane-cho Bazaar 2019

PSA Yokohama

Kogane-cho Bazaar is an art festival held in Koganecho in Yokohama City’s Naka Ward. It started being held in 2008, and is taking place this year too.

Artworks created by domestic and international artists in residence will be exhibited in characterful locations such as under the elevated railway tracks of the Keikyu Line, in buildings  renovated into studios, and along the Ooka River.

This year, the 12th year of the event, the theme is “New Menagerie”. 15 groups of artists from 8 countries are taking part. A variety of works created in Kogane-cho including pictures, sculptures, moving images, and installations will be on display, and visitors will be able to enjoy the town through art over 40 days.

During the festival period, mainly on weekends,  there will be an array of events to familiarize visitors with art, such as guided tours, workshops, talk events and a market. For approximately one week from 19th-27th October, it will be “Children’s Week”, and there will be tours and workshops aimed at children, or parent/child groups.

Why not immerse yourself in the world of art this autumn, by visiting Kogane-cho and meeting the artists.

Koganecho Bazaar will run until Monday 4th November.

The venues will be 18 locations between Hinode-cho and Kogane-cho stations on the Keikyu Line.

A free pass that is valid for unlimited use during the event is available for ¥700.

For details, please search for Kogane-cho Bazaar 2019.