Creative Railway

PSA Yokohama

The Creative Railway, which conducts artwork exhibitions and performances at each station along the Minatomirai Line, is being held to coincide with “Yokohama Trieniale 2020”, an international modern art exhibition that takes place every three years.

In Yokohama city, there are six "creative neighborhood bases" that implement an array of art activities, utilizing historical buildings and public spaces in the city center waterfront area. 

This time, these bases are collaborating to implement art programs at each station and their surrounding areas.

There are also audio works that you can listen to on your smartphone whilst riding trains. 

Trains are a means of transportation that we use casually, but listening to these audio works will allow you to experience stations from a different perspective to usual.

At the moment, the city is selling Minatomirai Line one-day passes featuring an original design, so that you can visit each station easily. 

They are being sold at each station office and at creative neighborhood bases, so please enjoy visiting the stations at a great price and have fun familiarizing yourself with art.

There is also a digital stamp rally where you can get art goods.

Viewing is free.

When visiting the venues, we ask for your kind cooperation in wearing masks and ensuring social distancing between yourself and other visitors.

For details, please see the ‘Creative Railyway” official website.