Yokohama OTOMATSURI 2019

PSA Yokohama

'Yokohama Otomatsuri 2019', one of the largest music festivals in Japan, is taking place across all areas of Yokohama City!

It is held once every three years, and this year, the theme is “Your Music, Reaching You”. The festival encompasses all music genres, including classical, jazz, pop, and traditional Japanese music.

A diverse program of over 300 music events will be rolled out, with the “Spreading Sound on the Streets Project” being held mainly on weekends. Visitors will be able to enjoy live street performances for free in open spaces that draw lots of people, such as commercial facilities, parks, and shopping streets in the city.

Particularly recommended in the “Spreading Sound on the Streets Project”, is a parade by the Bands of the British Queen’s Guards, which will take place in Motomachi Shopping street on Monday 14th October, a national holiday.  Enjoy watching the courageous and gallant members of both the Band of the Grenadier Guards, the oldest of the regiments that guard Buckingham Palace, and the Scots Guards’ Pipes and Drums in a streetscape typical of Yokohama.

As well as this, there will be original performances by top artists from within Japan and abroad, and workshops where children can learn from professional musicians. One of the main characteristics of Yokohama Otomatsuri is its inclusive program, which allows visitors to enjoy music freely, regardless of nationality, age, gender, or disabilities.

Yokohama Otomatsuri 2019', which turns the streets of Yokohama City into a stage, will be on until Friday 15th November.

For details, search for 'Yokohama Otomatsuri' and see the official website.