Paratori TV

PSA Yokohama

"Yokohama Paratriennale", is an international exhibition of modern art by people with disabilities and professionals from various fields.

It is held once every three years. Currently, a pre-events program is being held online.

"Paratori TV" is being broadcast on the official YouTube channel in the run up to the main program, which will take place from 18th - 24th November.

The navigator of Paratori TV is Ryoko Nakajima, an influencer who uses a wheelchair, and the director is Ken Kanokozawa, a performer with a hearing impairment.

Creators with an array of talents are participating, regardless of whether or not they have a disability, to portray the diverse and harmonious  world of paratori.

A popular program is "Play with Play Sign Language and Poetry," which demonstrates a poetic worldview.

It is a video performance piece in which the artist, Mai Nagumo, expresses the words of the poet Mizuki Misumi through a mixture of sign language and physical expression.

The word "fall" for example, in sign language, is expressed completely differently depending on what is falling.

The performance allows viewers to experience the difference of signing as a language and the fun of its expression.

Paratori TV is broadcast every other week on Sunday evening.

The next broadcast will be on 25th October.

At the broadcast time, an online event will also be held to get everyone in the spirit.

For more information, please visit the Paratori website.