Night Sync Yokohama

PSA Yokohama

“NIGHT SYNC YOKOHAMA” is being held in the Shinko area of the Minato Mirai district, so that many people both from within Japan and abroad can enjoy the Yokohama nights.

The event synchronizes beautiful illuminations with urban scale light that utilizes advanced technology.

In Shinko Central Plaza, the main venue, digital content that can be experienced interactively will be projected using a video device that utilizes projection and sensing technology. In the planting area, there will be flower illuminations, and over 50 full-color floodlights will light up the trees.

In the special program, which links the plaza and surrounding facilities, visitors can enjoy a production of music and dynamic lights with the color illumination of the building wall and searchlights four times a day.

Controlling lights installed in multiple buildings at once and directing the entire city is an unprecedented endeavor.

This special program will also utilize “Web AR” technology,  which superimposes digital images onto the actual scenery reflected on the smartphone's camera.

Those who have a smartphone can enjoy a participatory experience, by doing things such as choosing the color of the production or taking a magical photo that combines reality and unreality.

“NIGHT SYNC YOKOHAMA” is being held from 6pm - 9:10pm until December 27th. The special program of dynamic light, linking the plaza and surrounding facilities, is held for 10 minutes, four times a day, between 6pm and 9pm.

For details, please see the homepage.