Yokohama Paratriennale 2020

PSA Yokohama

Yokohama Paratriennale 2020 is being held from 18th - 24th November.

Yokohama Paratriennale is an art project where people with disabilities work with professionals in various fields to create new artistic expressions. 

Following on from 2014 and 2017, this is the third time the event is being held.

This time, the theme will be “Our CurioCity - a city that unleashes your curiosity” and it will be a new type of festival that merges the online world with real life. 

Let me introduce the BOOK PROJECT, ‘In time you’ll be heard’. 

It’s one of the highlights of this year’s program. 

This time, building on previous efforts, the theme fundamentally questions what "disability" is. 

Writers with disabilities respond in their own ways to the works of the artists, who have the perspective to overcome the hopelessness that stems from opening one’s eyes to the impossibility of understanding one other, an issue that all human beings face.  

The works will be introduced not as conventional exhibits, but in the form of a ‘book’, as a "reading exhibition".

During the exhibition period, 1000 copies will be distributed free of charge at Yokohama City Hall. 

You can also download it from the official website.

A variety of other projects are also being implemented. 

For details, please see the official website. 

Information is also provided in English.