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Infectious diseases such as influenza and norovirus are prevalent in winter.

Washing your hands and wearing a mask are effective ways of preventing infection.

You should wash your hands carefully with soap when you get home after having been out and before meals. Getting influenza becomes more likely if the air is dry, so keep an eye on room humidity levels and air rooms several times a day.

Influenza vaccinations are also effective. Once you have been vaccinated, it takes 2-4 weeks for the vaccine to take effect.

Having a healthy lifestyle, such as by getting enough rest and having a nutritionally balanced diet, is also important for fighting off illness.

Please stay healthy this winter.

For further information, please contact the Life Hygiene Section at Minato Public Health Center.


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The subsection in charge at Minato City’s Office of the Mayor is the Public Relations Subsection.


(Audio) 20th/23rd January 2020 ON AIR: Beware of Influenza / Minato Monthly