Sales of Recycled Bicycles / Information on Filing an Income Tax Return

Minato Voice

Minato City impounds bicycles in line with the regulations on the prevention of abandoned bicycles and the maintenance of parking lots including those for bicycles. Of the impounded bicycles, those that have exceeded their storage deadline but are in good condition are repaired and resold by the city.

On the day of the sale, Sunday 9th February, registration will be open from 10am - 10:30am. After that, a lottery will be conducted to decide the order of the buyers.

The sale venue will be the Minato Recycling and Waste Management Office’s Works Contact, located at 3-9-6 Moto Azabu, Minato City.

About 15 bicycles will be on sale and residents of Minato City will be prioritized.

The subsection in charge is the Community Transportation Subsection of the Community Transportation Section at Minato City Hall.


The final income tax return is when you declare your income for January to December of the previous year at your local tax office, and the tax already deducted from your income, as well as taxes paid based on estimated tax prepayments, is adjusted.

Those that are required to file a tax return must do so at the tax office for their jurisdiction between 17th February and 16th March.

For details, please see the National Tax Agency homepage or enquire with the tax office.

For enquiries about filing tax returns, call Shiba Tax Office on 03-3455-0551, or Azabu Tax Office on 03-3403-0591.

For enquiries in English, please call the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau Consultation Service on 03-3821-9070.

The subsection in charge at Minato City Hall is the Tax Assessment Subsection of the Taxation Section.


(Audio) 3rd/6th February 2020 ON AIR: Sales of Recycled Bicycles / Information on Filing an Income Tax Return