Disaster Prevention Information Emails / Home Delivery of Minato Monthly

Minato Voice

In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, this station, InterFM897, will broadcast important information from Minato City such as evacuation procedures and damage updates.

Minato City also sends out disaster prevention information e-mails to anyone who registers for them. 

The information is provided in English and Japanese, and covers earthquakes, river levels during heavy rain, and rainfall levels. 

Information other than this will also be sent, but only in Japanese. 

The content of the disaster prevention information emails can be viewed on the Minato City website too, in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

To register for the emails, please do the following:

First, send a blank email to

Then click on the registration link in the reply mail, select the language (Japanese/English) and press the OK button.

Finally, select the necessary information and press the OK button. 

This completes the registration process.

The registration method is set out clearly on the Minato City website, so please take a look. 

Enquiries will be dealt with in Japanese only at the Disaster Prevention Subsection of the Disaster Prevention Section at Minato City Hall. 

The telephone number is 03-3578-2541.


Minato City publishes ‘Minato Monthly’, an English newsletter, on the first of each month. 

It contains information on Minato City’s administrative services and local events, and health check notices etc.

Minato Monthly is available at Minato City Hall, regional city offices, and each Minato City library, as well as at the main post offices and stations in Minato City. 

It is delivered along with subscriptions of the Japan Times/International New York Times too.

It can be viewed on the Minato City website. 

The newsletter can also be sent free of charge to the homes of residents of Minato City. 

If you would like to make use of this service, please apply through the Minato City website, or enquire with Minato Call on 03-5472-3710

Lines are open from 8am-8pm.


(Audio) 26th/29th April 2021 ON AIR: Disaster Prevention Information Emails / Home Delivery of Minato Monthly