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National Health Insurance / Child Allowance

Minato Voice

The National Health Insurance Premium Statement and Payment Slips etc. based on income from 2018, will be sent out to heads of households on 12th June.

National Health Insurance premiums are calculated by household, based on the number of people covered by National Health Insurance and income from 2018.

One year’s worth of insurance premiums will be paid in 10 installments from June, to March of the following year.

Insurance premiums can be paid at banks, Japan Post Bank, convenience stores and through “Mobile Regi”, as well as at Minato City Hall and counters at Regional City Offices.

For enquiries, contact Minato Call on 03-5472-3710.


Child allowance is provided to people who are raising children who reside in Japan and who are junior high school age or below.

The monthly allowance per child is 15000 yen for children under the age of 3, and 10,000 yen for those aged 3 yrs old and above until they finish junior high school. If the maximum income level is exceeded, the allowance is a uniform ¥5,000.

Those who are currently receiving Child Allowance or Child Support Allowance must submit a ‘Current Statement report’ to renew their recipient qualification.

The document is sent out in June, so please submit it by post by 30th June. If you are submitting the report in person, you should hand it in to the Health and Welfare Subsection of the Residents Support Section at your local regional city office by 28th June.  If it is not submitted, you will not be able to receive the allowance from June onwards. Submission of the report is required even if you are moving out of Minato City in June.

The subsection in charge is the Children's Benefit Subsection of the Child and Family Section at Minato City Hall.


(Audio) 10th/13th JUNE 2019 ON AIR: Sending Out of the National Health Insurance Premium Statement and Payment Slips / Submission of Child Allowance Current Statement Reports