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From the rainy season to summer, when humidity levels and temperatures rise, the bacteria responsible for food poisoning can multiply rapidly. This causes food poisoning each year. Please follow these basic principles to prevent food poisoning in the home:

1) Wash your hands

There is a lot of invisible grime and bacteria on your hands, so as well as washing your hands before cooking, you should also wash them at regular intervals as you cook. You should be particularly careful when handling raw meat or fish.

Knives and chopping boards should also be washed properly and then sanitized using boiling water or chlorine bleach, before being dried and put away.

2) Prevent bacteria from increasing

Purchased food should be refrigerated immediately. You should aim to store it at a temperature below 10℃. If you fill the fridge with too much food, the temperature inside the fridge will rise.

Keep your fridge organized and try to use food up as soon as possible. If you are defrosting frozen food, use the fridge or the microwave. Do not leave food out at room temperature for long periods.

3) Heat things up

Most bacteria and viruses that cause food poisoning are sensitive to heat, so cooking will kill them. You should make sure the food is cooked right through the the center.

The three basic rules for preventing food poisoning are “Don’t spread bacteria”, “Don’t let it multiply”, and “Kill it”. Please follow these rules for a food poisoning free summer.

The section in charge is the Food Safety Promotion Subsection of the Life Hygiene Section at Minato Public Health Center.


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