Preventing Heatstroke / Please Use the Minato City Barrier-Free Map

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Every year, the number of heatstroke patients increases after the rainy season ends, as our bodies are not used to the heat.

Care needs to be taken on days when the temperature is high, there is little breeze, or when it is very humid.

Heat stroke can also occur indoors.

Elderly people and children should be especially careful.

The following 8 measures are the main ways to prevent heatstroke:

1) On days when it has suddenly got hot, don’t overdo things. Get your body used to the heat gradually.

2) Get plenty of sleep and eat a well balanced diet.

3) Replenish your fluid and salt levels regularly.

4) Wear cool clothing.

5) Use air conditioners and electric fans appropriately.

6) When outside, wear hats or use parasols, and avoid the sun’s rays.

7) When taking a break outside, take your mask off as you see fit, but make sure you keep a distance of 2m from others.

8) Be particularly careful if you are feeling unwell.

If you get heatstroke, move to a cool area immediately and cool your body.

Drink something such as a sports drink to replenish your fluid and salt levels.

If you feel unwell, please get examined at a medical facility.

The subsection in charge at Minato Public Health Center is the Health and Fitness Subsection of the Health Promotion Section.


The Minato City Barrier-free Map is an online map that provides information on barrier-free equipment at Minato City’s facilities, including public and transportation facilities, parks, and public toilets.

It is available so that people such as senior citizens, people with disabilities, and people with infants in tow, can go out without any worries. 

You can conduct searches from addresses and barrier free equipment. 

The map can be used on laptops, smartphones, and mobile phones.

Japanese and English versions are available.

Search for "Minato City Barrier Free Map" to use the map.

The subsection in charge at Minato City Hall is the Community Health and Welfare Subsection of the Health and Welfare Section.


(Audio) 21st/24th JUNE 2021 ON AIR: Preventing Heatstroke / Please Use the Minato City Barrier-Free Map