Consultation Services for Foreigners / Minato Call

Minato Voice

If you are experiencing problems in your everyday life, please use the following three consultation services for foreigners. They are free.

1. Minato City Consultation Service for Foreign Residents

This is a consultation counter for foreign residents of Minato City who are having problems with the city’s administrative services or in daily life.

Consultations are available in English only.

The counter is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to midday and from 1pm to 5pm, except on national holidays and at year end/new year.

The telephone number is 03-3578-2046.

2. Metropolitan Government Consultation Service for Foreign People

This service provides advice for foreigners who live in Tokyo on a variety of matters such as immigration, work, and daily life.

Consultation is available from 9:30am to midday and from 1pm to 5pm on the following days, excluding national holidays :

English: Monday-Friday, tel. 03-5320-7744

Chinese: Tuesdays and Fridays, tel. 03-5320-7766

Korean: Wednesdays, tel. 03-5320-7700

3. Minato International Association

Association volunteers provide consultation on problems or worries in everyday life.

It is available Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm. An appointment is required. Available languages are English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French. The telephone number is 03-6440-0233.


Operators at the Minato City call center, or ‘Minato Call’, respond to enquiries about the content of Minato City’s administrative services and provide information on city events, how to get to city facilities and the opening hours of those facilities.  Enquiries are dealt with not just in Japanese, but in English too.

Staff respond to multiple enquiries relating to different sections as well, so please feel free to use this service. It is available 365 days a year from 8am to 8pm.

Please be aware that some events and courses may have different acceptance times for advance bookings and applications etc.

The telephone number is 03-5472-3710.


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