Sale of Recycled Bikes/ Peace Gathering

Minato Voice

According to Minato City ordinance, city officials remove abandoned or illegally-parked bicycles. After the expiration of the impoundment period, unclaimed bikes in good condition are refurbished and put on sale.

The date of the sale is Sunday, 11th August.

Please register your name between 10 to 10:30am.

There will be a draw to decide who goes first.

It will take place at Minato Recycling and Waste Management Office Working Contact.

The address is 3–9–6 Moto-azabu, Minato City.

About 15 bicycles will be put on sale.

The subsection in charge is the Traffic Affairs Subsection of the Community Transportation Section.


As Japan commemorates the anniversary of the end of World War II in August, Minato City will be screening movies on peace throughout the city’s libraries. Admission is free so please join the event.

Here is our schedule:

Tuesday 13th August, 1pm, Minato Library

“What We Saw”

Friday 16th August, 2pm, Takanawa Library

 “Sayonara, Alma”

Sunday 18th August, 2pm, Konan Library

“Son of Babylon”

Sunday 25th August, 2pm, Mita Library

“They Filmed the War in Color: The Pacific War”

Please note that the programs are subject to change without notice.

For details, please refer to respective libraries.

The subsection in charge is General Affairs Subsection of the Library and Cultural Assets Section.


(Audio) 5th & 8th, August 2019 ON AIR: Sale of Recycled Bikes/ Peace Gathering