October is 3R Promotion Month / Introduction to Using Minato City Libraries

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October is 3R promotion month.

To reduce waste, please put the 3Rs (Reduce Reuse, Recycle) into practice.

Take your own bag when you go shopping, and give away any clothing that you no longer wear if it can still be worn. You should also carry your own chopsticks and cup with you, and try not to leave leftovers.

When putting out household waste in Minato City, please separate it into burnables, non-burnables and recyclables, and put it out at the designated location at the specified time on the specified day.

For details, please see the Minato City website.

The office in charge is the Minato Recycling and Waste Management Office.


Minato City libraries lend out books, CDs, DVDs and videotapes. They also host events such as story hours, Book Start, and movie hours.

Anyone who lives, works, or studies in one of Tokyo’s 23 wards can use the libraries.

When using the libraries for the first time, please take ID such as your driving license, health insurance card, worker ID, or student ID.

Opening hours are from 9am to 8pm Monday-Saturday, and from 9am to 5pm on Sundays, national holidays and 28th December.

Opening hours at Takanawa Library Annex are from 9:30am-8pm every day, except national holidays when it is closed. Please note that there are some other days when the library is closed too.

For details, see the Minato City website or the Minato City Libraries homepage.

The section in charge at Minato City Hall is the Library and Cultural Assets Section.


(Audio) 21st/24th October 2019 ON AIR: October is 3R Promotion Month / Introduction to Using Minato City Libraries