The Recycling and Sale of Bicycles / Akasaka/Aoyama Meet Up Project

Minato Voice

Minato Voice

8th / 11th November 2021

Minato City repairs and resells bicycles that have been removed by the city but are in good condition.

The day of the next sale is Sunday 14th November.

Purchase applications will be accepted from 10am-10:30am, after which a lottery will be conducted to decide the order of the buyers.

The sale venue will be the Minato Recycling and Waste Management Office’s Works Contact, located at 3-9-6 Moto Azabu, Minato City.

About 30 bicycles will be on sale and priority slots have been set aside for residents of Minato City.

For sales enquiries, please call the Minato City Silver Human Resources Center  on 03-5232-9681.

The subsection in charge at Minato City’s Community Transportation Section is the Traffic Affairs Subsection.


The ‘Akasaka/Aoyama Meet Up project’ is aimed at people who live, work or study in the Akasaka/Aoyama districts.

It is a project where nationals of different countries think together about the issues and the appeal of the districts.

This year, the theme is “Learning about the Districts’ Appeal”.

A course will be held based on that theme, where participants will share the appeal of the region they care about while they walk around town and hold presentations with Japanese participants.

The city is seeking foreigners who think, “I want to participate in local activities!” or “As a member of the local community, I want to share widely the appeal of Akasaka/Aoyama!”

The course will be conducted in ‘easy Japanese’, but multilingual Poketalks will be available at the venue.

The dates will be Saturday 11th December and Sunday 19th January.

Participants will attend on these two days.

People who wish to participate should access the Minato City website by Friday 19th November or visit the section in charge at Akasaka Regional City Office: the Collaboration Project Section.


(Audio) 8th/11th November 2021 ON AIR: The Recycling and Sale of Bicycles / Akasaka/Aoyama Meet Up Project