A "Coming of Age Day Gathering" will be held / Teachers for International Classes Sought

Minato Voice

Invitations will be sent in mid-December to people who were born between 2nd April 1999 and 1st April 2000 and who are registered as residents of Minato City as of the end of November 2019.

Please make sure you bring the invitation with you on the day.

* The event will take place on Monday 13th January (national holiday), from noon to 2pm. Doors will open at 11:30am.

* The venue will be Ho-oh no Ma at Tokyo Prince Hotel, located at 3-3-1 Shibakoen, Minato City.

Session 1 will be the ceremony. (Participants will be seated during this session and will not be permitted to enter or leave during the ceremony.)

Session 2 will be a buffet style event. (Participants may attend just the second session if they wish.)

Those who require assistance or babysitting services for infants should request this by Friday 13th December. Enquiries should be made to Minato Call on 03-5472-3710.

The subsection in charge at Minato City Hall will be the Youth Education Subsection of the Child and Family Section.


Teachers are being sought for international classes at Minato municipal elementary schools.

The details are as follows:

Employment period: The position is for 30 hours a week, during the period from 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021.

Workplaces: Minato Municipal Higashimachi Elementary School or Minato Municipal Nanzan Elementary School.

Job Content: Subject and class instruction in English as an international class teacher working in cooperation with the homeroom teacher, translation into English of teaching materials and school and PTA documents, and English consultation for pupils and parents/guardians.

Candidates must fulfill all of the following requirements:

1) The applicant’s native language is English or they have equivalent English skills, and have practical experience in teaching children.

2) They have a visa that allows them to work in Japan.

3) They have conversational level Japanese and are able to communicate with staff in Japanese.

Compensation will be between ¥1,880 and ¥2,860, based on the number of years of experience as a teacher.

For details, please see the Minato City website.


(Audio) 11th/14th November 2019 ON AIR: A "Coming of Age Day Gathering" will be held / Teachers for International Classes Sought