Minato City Smoking Rules / Enrollment Application for Municipal Elementary & Junior High Schools

Minato Voice

Minato Voice

22nd / 25th November 2021

Minato City has in place the ‘Minato City Smoking Rules’.

These apply to everyone, including people who live or work in Minato City, and those who are visiting.

Please follow these rules when in outdoor public places anywhere in Minato City, such as roads, parks, children’s playgrounds and public spaces.

Do not throw cigarette butts on the street. 

Do not smoke in places other than designated smoking areas.

Even if you are smoking on private property, make sure that people in public outdoor areas do not have to inhale your cigarette smoke.

The word “smoking” includes the smoking of heated tobacco products.

When smoking, please use Minato City’s designated smoking areas.

The city appreciates your kind understanding.

The section in charge at Minato City Hall is the Environmental Policy Subsection of the Environmental Section.


Minato City is accepting enrollment applications for foreign children living in Minato City who wish to enroll in the first year of Minato municipal elementary or junior high schools in April 2022. 

Those eligible to enroll in elementary schools are children who were born between 2nd April 2015 and 1st April 2016.

Those eligible to enroll in junior high schools are children who were born between 2nd April 2009 and 1st April 2010.

Please take personal identification such as a residence card as proof of the child’s name, address and date of birth.

If you wish to enroll your child, please enquire in Japanese with the Educational Affairs Subsection of the School Affairs Section at Minato City Hall.

The telephone number for the Educational Affairs Subsection is 03-3578-272603-3578-2729.


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